It’s amazing that my post “Automatic Sumarization in Medium" is still getting views and reads. Obviously, it’s a post about how well can TextTeaser summarized Medium articles. It received a lot of positive feedback that even Ev Williams found it interesting.

TextTeaser will relaunch again soon. I want to show everyone again the potential of the algorithm. That’s why almost a year after I posted it, I decided to do it again. Here’s automatic summarization in Medium part 2.

Why Michael Jackson’s “New” Record Says More About the Industry Than He Ever Did

  • Theres a new Michael Jackson album.
  • Epic Records head L.A. Reid led the project to reanimate the King of Pop with Xscape, a collection of eight archival Michael Jackson songs that have been spruced up for modern ears by the likes of Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins and Stargate.
  • Regardless, odds are that this album will be ubiquitous.
  • A woman in the crowd noticed I was jotting down notes and directed me to a guy with tons of tattoos and a stud in his nose called Dr. Freeze.
  • Magic.

Designing the Perfect Anti-Object

  • Behold the Camden Bench.
  • Named for the London authority that commissioned it, the Camden Bench has a special coating which makes it impervious to graffiti and vandalism.
  • The Camden Bench is a concerted effort to create a non-object.
  • As such, the Camden Bench is a strange kind of architectural null point.
  • Id like to see what the Camden Bench would look like if it didnt have to be a benchif that final design constraint was removed, what would it become?

I will never smoke again.

  • From there I moved to Marlboro reds, and stuck with them for 10 years until light cigarettes became a stronger marketing focus of the tobacco companies.
  • The electronic cigarette was invented in 1963, but the current vaping industry is grassroots, created by people looking for a way to quit smoking cigarettes.
  • In that same timeframe, roughly 3.5 million people in America have died from cigarette smoking related illnesses.
  • More people were poisoned by houseplants last year than nicotine liquid, but that doesnt make for big headlines, because houseplant companies dont have competition putting them out of business.
  • A battle against my government, pharmaceutical companies, and tobacco companies.

Don’t Fuck Up the Culture

  • It occurred to me that before this meeting, I should write you a short letter on why culture is so important to Joe, Nate, and me.
  • He replied, Dont fuck up the culture.
  • So how do we build culture?
  • Why is culture so important to a business?
  • But culture is forever.

Goodbye Popcorn Time

  • Popcorn Time as a project is legal.
  • You know whats the best thing about Popcorn Time?
  • That tons of people agreed in unison that the movie industry has way too many ridiculous restrictions on way too many markets.
  • Popcorn Time got installed on every single country on Earth.
  • Popcorn Time is shutting down today.

The Girls are Never Supposed to End Up Together

  • If you are a girl in love with a boy, your possibilities are infinite.
  • If there is a special girl in your life, you love her as a friend.
  • But if you should fall in love with a girl and loving and falling in love are two very distinct thingsthe first kiss is the end.
  • In the movie of your life, forty-five minutes are devoted to you figuring out how to say that you want to kiss girls, and another half-hour is devoted to peoples objections, and maybe the last fifteen minutes is you kissing the girl.
  • Maybe you dont even get to kiss the girl.

The Value of Content

  • For a year or so Id been collecting screengrabs of websites that obscure their content behind modal overlays, begging for newsletter signups, follows, likes, or even adverts that direct you to another site entirely.
  • This seems like a pretty good indicator to me that Im not going to value the content on there either.
  • Medium gives so much care and attention to your content that almost anything on there automatically feels of value.
  • I dont pirate movies or music, and so it figures that Ill also pay to read quality content.
  • If we want quality content on the web we need the kind of disruption that the iTunes Music Store had on music or Netflix on movies; but not in the form of a yet another content platform.

And then the “Date A Girl” series of post…

Don’t date a girl who travels

  • Dont date a girl who travels.
  • Dont date a girl who travels because she will bug you to book a flight every time theres an airline seat sale.
  • Dont date a girl who travels.
  • Dont date a girl who travels for she has chosen a life of uncertainty.
  • Dont date a girl who travels as she tends to speak her mind.

DO date a girl who travels

  • Date a girl who travels.
  • Date a girl who travels because she will allow you to leave your comfort zone.
  • Date a girl who travels.
  • Date a girl who travels because she knows how to relinquish control.
  • Date a girl who travels because she knows how to be alone.

Date a Girl Who Eats Bacon.

  • Date a girl who eats bacon.
  • Find a girl who NOMs.
  • Date a girl who drinks beer.
  • Date a girl who spends her money on food instead of clothes.
  • A girl who eats bacon is easy to please.

I’m amazed with the summaries in the “Date A Girl” series. They are written by different writers but the summaries almost appeared with the same structure. That’s why I think TextTeaser can somewhat be utilized to check the similarity between two text.

A thing to note, I didn’t read completely all the articles I summarized. It maybe bad but I did to know if I can understand the whole article without reading it. In part, yes. TextTeaser can help you understand the text without actually reading the text. But. It’s not always like that. In fact, I discourage using TextTeaser as a replacement for the original text. As I mentioned in my previous post…

The purpose of the algorithm is not to replace the original article. It aims to provide a gist of what the article is all about. It’s like the summary at the back of a book, it teases you to read it. That’s why I call them “teasers”. It is also like the movie teasers, it doesn’t show what the movie is all about but it can be enough for you to watch it.

TextTeaser API is coming soon for developers to use. If you guys are interested, you can email me at

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